To notice: ALL unreleased features, and upcoming updates can be found at demo CrossBox instance [Off-topic] (1)
Bottom pane view for email [Feature Requests] (3)
Minimise folders [Feature Requests] (3)
Drag and drop emails to folders [Feature Requests] (3)
Dark mode selection for new users [Feature Requests] (6)
Theme bugs in firefox [Bug Reports] (3)
Reply button rework [Feature Requests] (3)
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V0.3.7 CrossBox Update [Changelog] (2)
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Customization of Login screen [Feature Requests] (5)
Ability to set custom time period for lighting [Feature Requests] (3)
Separate sent mails from main inbox [Feature Requests] (3)
Keeping email clients in sync with sent emails [Bug Reports] (13)
More admin features for standalone [Feature Requests] (1)
Ability to set a font when emailing [Feature Requests] (3)
Branding support for cPanel/Plesk resellers and ordinary users [Feature Requests] (6)
CNAMEs for hosted domains [Feature Requests] (11)
Dashboard performance improvement [Bug Reports] (2)
Non-thread emails listing [Feature Requests] (2)
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Geo-routing in CrossBox Cluster setups [Feature Requests] (1)
CardDav and CalDav support [Feature Requests] (1)
Rotating IPs for outgoing mail [Feature Requests] (1)
Newsletter Unsubscribe button in the UI [Feature Requests] (1)
Automatically enable SWAP [Feature Requests] (1)
Group e-mail address [Feature Requests] (1)